Q. Do I need any specific qualifications for this apprenticeship?

A. No, our main priority is that you are a caring person and have a good attitude.

Q. Will I be paid?

A. Yes, all of our apprenticeships have a salary. For the first year you will be on the standard apprenticeship salary of £3.90 an hour, but after a year you go on to the National Wage per hour:

25 and over= £8.21

21 and over= £7.70

18 to 20= £6.15

Under 18= £4.35


Q. How do I know if I’m the right person for this job?

A. All you need to ask yourself is are you interested in working with people, and are you a caring person. It helps if you have any previous experience of caring for adults or children, but this is definitely not essential. A positive attitude and an aspiration to do well are the most important things.


Q. I’m 16, can I still work in care?

A. Yes, as long as you are 16 or over you can do this apprenticeship.


Q. Does it matter where I live?

A.We’re running the apprenticeship in the North, West and Central/South East areas of Northumberland, so if you can commute to one of those areas, even if you live outside Northumberland, you are eligible.

Q. When does the programme start?

A. The programme starts in Autumn 2019, and we’ll be recruiting for two months before that.

Q. I can’t drive, can I still apply?

A. Yes, if you cannot drive we will try and help you get to your placement.

Q. What happens after I apply?

A. If you get through the first stage of applications you’ll be invited for a screening day. During this day we will ask you some questions to see if this job is the right fit for you. If you’re successful on the day you will begin the apprenticeship in mid-September. If you’re not successful this time we’ll give you some advice and information about other apprenticeships or training you could do.

Q. If I do well on my apprenticeship what happens next?

A. If you do well you might be offered a job with one of the care services, or be put forward to complete a higher apprenticeship/qualification that will prepare you for a management role. 92% of our apprentices go on to full time work or a higher level apprenticeship, so you have a very high chance of succeeding.

Q. I want to do an apprenticeship but I’m not sure caring is for me.

A.We offer a very wide range of apprenticeships from construction, to child care, to admin. You can find information about our other apprenticeships here or you can apply for an apprenticeship here.

Q. I can’t apply this year, will this apprenticeship be happening again next year?

A. Yes, we hope to put on another programme next year.